The world has witnessed a wave of protests in recent weeks, with people taking to the streets to voice their discontent with their governments and a range of social issues. From Hong Kong to Lebanon, and from Chile to Iraq, thousands of people have rallied together in a show of unity and Canadian News Today determination to bring about change. In Hong Kong, the protests have been ongoing for over five months now, with the movement continuing to escalate in intensity.

What began as a demonstration against a proposed extradition bill has evolved into a larger battle for democracy and autonomy. The protesters are demanding a formal investigation into police brutality, the pardon of all arrested activists, and full democracy for the region. The situation has caused numerous disruptions, from businesses having to close their doors to travelers experiencing re-routes and cancellations. In Lebanon, people are protesting against government corruption and economic problems, which have been exacerbated by the country’s debt crisis.

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