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100 Dogs: Playful Pups to Count

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Can there possibly be 100 dogs and dog-related things in this book? Better get your counting head on, we’re about to find out…
„100 Dogs” by Michael Whaite is an unashamedly cute celebration of all things canine.

Fat dogs, thin dogs, sleek and beautiful dogs, pug ugly pugs – they’re all in here and more in a fabulously bouncy rhyming romp perfect for pooch lovers everywhere.

The rhymes are great in this, a lot of fun to read out loud – in fact the structure of this one really reminded us of „Pants” by Giles Andreae and Nick Sharratt (which is also brilliant by the way).

Find a Small dog, a tall dog, a playing with a ball dog, a big dog, a dig dog burying a bone!

We did our very best to count them all, and we’re absolutely sure there were at least 100!

We loved the detail in the illustration, and the wonderful depictions of all the dog species you can possibly imagine and more.

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