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Be a Super Awesome Photographer: 20 photo challenges inspired by the masters Hardcover – 6 May 2019

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Stare foarte bună. Mici semne de uzură (ex: zgârieturi). Funcționează perfect

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ISBN 9781786275578


Do you want to become a master in photography? Then, this is the book for you!
Using real photographs for inspiration, this fantastic new book features 20 exciting and instant photo challenges to help you create your own masterpieces. All you need is a camera and your super snapping skills. Learn how to be invisible, play with your food, stop time and much more!
Perfect for budding artists who want to learn the art of photography.
„Be A Super Awesome Photographer is filled with optimism and encouragement and I hope you will have a lot of fun doing each of the challenges.” – Traveling Curiosity

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