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Christmas Cats

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For well over a hundred years cats of all shapes and sizes, often with bows and bells, sometimes in improbable suits of clothes, have adorned greeting cards and chocolate boxes, gazed from the top of bulging stockings or exploded out of spangled crackers few of these inspired trifles were intended to be anything but ephemeral, but for all sorts of reasons many of them were treasured by long-forgotten lovers of cats, and against all odds they have survived.The now familiar Christmas cat seems to have developed into a national institution under the young Victoria: the old mid-winter feast became a cosier, family celebration and the simple fireside cat perfectly conveyed the season s goodwill message. This enchanting book catches the feel of those Victorian times – cats in crackers, cats on cards, cat charms in the pudding – cats, in fact, central to all our Christmas festivities.

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