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Co-ordinated Science: Physics: Activities

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ISBN 9781407107219


This series provides a broad and balanced co-ordinated programme of study leading to GCSE science. For each subject: biology, chemistry and physics, there is a Student’s, Teacher’s and Activities Book. Each Student’s Book includes ideas that satisfy both co-ordinated and separate GCSE science syllabuses. Information is presented in short easy-to-read paragraphs with hundreds of colour photographs and diagrams. There is a wide range of questions and problems and the books focus on social issues and applications to emphasize the relevance of science in the real world. The straightforward experiments in the Activities Books aim to help students to develop practical process and investigative skills. There is advice on the materials and equipment needed for each activity and helpful hints to students on how to record their experiments. The Teacher’s Guides include notes for each unit in the Student’s Book that emphasize the link with the other two sciences and cross-references to units in other Student’s Books and practical work in the Activities Books. There are Photocopiable Worksheets for use in class or at home and Photocopiable Practical Assessment Sheets to help the teacher assess progress.

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