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This whimsical story takes kids back to a time when the world was still young. Its great swamp is filled with animals of every kind. One of them is a very odd looking fellow with a very odd problem: He doesn t know who he is. As he makes his way in the swamp, this odd looking creature discovers that he can hunt with a long, sticky tongue—just like a chameleon. But he also hops, and chameleons don t hop. He decides that he must not be a chameleon. Instead, he calls himself a Hoppameleon, but he still isn t sure who or what he really is. All the other swamp creatures are puzzled by him too. The only thing he does know is that he wants to find a friend who is just like he is. Kids will love this book s gentle humor and vividly colored illustrations that evoke nature s beauty on every page. And gradually, they will be able to figure out what kind of animal the Hoppameleon really is!

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