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Human The Definitive Guide to Our Species

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ISBN 9781405302333


Frozen Planet is the exciting successor to the ground-breaking Planet Earth and Blue Planet series, and has been created by the same award-winning team. Most of us will never travel to these great wildernesses and, even for those lucky enough to have gone, this

Human is a comprehensive, highly illustrated account of what makes us what we are: how we evolved, how our bodies develop and work, and how we think and behave both as individuals and as members of society. It not only examines the qualities we all share and that define us as a species, but also highlights the fascinating diversity of human society and culture.


  • Human is genuinely unique. No other book covers all aspects of human life, from evolution and biology to society, culture, and the future of our species
  • Professor Robert Winston is chief UK consultant, backed up by a team of authoritative contributors and consultants from a wide variety of fields
  • The immense variety in society and culture worldwide is revealed through comparative profiles of beliefs, customs, rituals, and the arts
  • Structure and workings of the human body and mind are fully illustrated and explained
  • Panels throughout the book highlight fascinating facts, environmental and health issues, and cutting-edge developments

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