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Katie’s Moose : A Keek-a-boo Book for Wee Folk

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Where’s Katie’s moose?
There it is noo.
See that wee moose
Runnin roon the hoose.

Where’s Katie’s bear?
There it is noo.
See that puir bear
Doon there on the flair.

Katie’s Moose is the follow-up publication to the best-selling Kaite’s Coo: Traditional Scots Rhymes For Wee Folk. Babies and young children will love the simple story of Katie gathering up her animal friends in time for bed.

Each page shows Katie looking for the Dug, the Pig, the Bear, the Craw, the Coo and of course the wee Moose. Sometimes they’re not that easy to find – until you lift the flap. And sometimes they’re in quite surprising places! These simple Scots words and sounds, together with Karen Sutherland’s bright and cherry illustrations, will make this board book a favourite with bairns and parents alike – especially at bedtime!

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