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Kid’s Cook Book

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ISBN 9780091780722


Children love to help – or hinder – in the kitchen and this book is the ideal way to channel those energies. It allows kids themselves to take the lead, with fun and healthy ideas for all sorts of food they can make themselves, with the added bonus of teaching them the basics of cookery in the process. Each recipe has simple easy-to-follow steps, all fully illustrated in colour, together with pictures of the finished food. And as children are far more interested in cooking -and eating – something which is fun and which they would like to eat, recipes include great ideas such as Clown Pizzas and Monster Mints (lurid green mints complete with white fangs and red eyeballs). With all the authority of Good Housekeeping and with double-tested recipes throughout, parents can be sure that these are recipes which work and are safe – and that they will have lots of fun with their children in making them.

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