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Pirates ‘n’ Pistols – Ten Swashbuckling Pirate Tales

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Stare foarte bună. Mici semne de uzură (ex: zgârieturi). Funcționează perfect

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ISBN 9780340999349


First ghosts, then dragons, and now pirates! From the author of Dust’n’Bones comes a swashbuckling introduction to traditional myths and classic tales Come face-to-face with some of the most villainous and scurrilous rogues ever to sail the seven seas in these stories about pirates from all around the world. This special gift book edition is packed full of traditional pirate myths and legends retold and illustrated by the award-winning Chris Mould, as well as some new and original tales. Rich artwork mixes cartoonish humor with a bit of spooky horror. Stories include: „Davy Jones,” „Treasure Island,” „The Tenth Man,” „The Gold Bug,” „Dead Man’s Ink,” „Dionysus,” „Cross-legged Jack,” „Mochimitsu’s Music,” „Jewel of Bengal,” and „Ghost in the Cupboard.”

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