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Poddy and Flora

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Some things go very well together . . . like jelly and ice cream, like buckets and spades, and like Flora and her dog Poddy. But when Flora goes to visit Gran, Poddy has to stay at home and nothing is much fun. And then Poddy realizes it’s not just Flora he’s missing, but his tail seems to have disappeared too! When will Flora come home, and where on earth is Poddy’s tail? An endearing and amusing story about a little girl and her much-loved dog.

About the Author:

Paula Metcalf is the author and illustrator of We Love Bunk Beds! and It’s My Birthday!, as well as the brilliantly funny Norma Snows. Paula has previously been Illustrator-in-Residence at the Ronald Dahl Museum and Story Centre in Buckinghamshire, and now runs popular workshops in schools.

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