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Practice Success: Comprehension 1

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ISBN 9780333463147


A range of home learning books for helping children get the best out of school, aimed at the 9-12 age group. They cover the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics and are based on the principle that all children need motivation before they will learn. They encourage children to do the exercises, to enjoy doing them and to think about what they are doing. This is one of six practice books which concentrate on more closely defined skills areas, thus enabling them to be used to improve specific areas of weakness which may have shown up in their work in the Activity Books. To accompany the series, the 72 page „Essential Parent Guide” provides advice to parents both about the „Success!” books and also their child’s social and emotional development. It tackles such problems as anxiety, behaviour, relationships and motivation while also discussing current changes in education such as the implications of the National Curriculum and Assessment and Attainment targets.

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