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Prayer Bytes : Everyday Prayers for Young People

Starea Carții:
Stare foarte bună. Mici semne de uzură (ex: zgârieturi). Funcționează perfect

6,00 lei

1 în stoc

ISBN 9781853909177


The pressure to fit in and be popular that comes with being a young person today can often make us forget the importance of prayer and quiet reflection. Prayer-Bytes offers much needed time-out for young people, with prayers that are simple in style and relevant to the concerns faced by today’s youth. Prayer-Bytes is divided into three sections:-‘Prayers for Everyday’ provides a structure for daily praying with suggestions for relevant Scripture passages;-‘In Conversation with God’ relfects on key issues facing young people;-‘My Prayers for Others’ offers incercessions for the wider community. Prayer-Bytes is the perfect accompaniment for young people encountering the highs and lows of everyday life.

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