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Precious Moments of Christmas: Nine Stories that Celebrate the Season

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Keep the holidays in your heart all year. . . . On Christmas, joy and peace surround us, warming our hearts against the winter chill. It is a time of year when family from near and far gathers by the fire to share stories of the precious moments of Christmas past–and the bright hopes and dreams for Christmases yet to come. Stockings are hung, carols are sung, and the child inside each of us listens for the sound of sleigh bells or the prancing of hooves upon the rooftops. The world is transformed from its usual hustle and bustle into an enchanted place where love, generosity, and good will to man are present all around us. Here is a wonderful new treasure in the Precious Moments series–a touching collection of cherished artwork and inspiring words that will help you keep the magic of Christmas in your heart all year long.BB/Ballantine BooksVisit our Web site at

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