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Rosie’s Wish

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Where s Christmas? The real Christmas like it is in the films and all the picture books? That s what Rosie wants to know. Christmas is coming, that s for sure. And she s excited. But other people seem to be getting grumpy. Dad s in a bad mood because the tree lights are all tangled up. Mum s tired from all the shopping and cooking. There ought to be lots and lots of snow and people running along the street shouting, Merry Christmas! And wouldn t it be fantastic if that celebrity chef from the telly came to make the Christmas dinner so Mum could just sit back and relax? Then, one day, Rosie finds Mrs Hawthorn s purse in the street. When she returns it, Mrs Hawthorn gives Rosie a wish from her garden. Huh, thinks Rosie, a wish. What good are they? I d rather have fifty pence. Still, she shuts her eyes and blows on a special dandelion clock and one little wish floats away to where good wishes go…

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