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Sammy Keyes And The Runaway Elf (Sammy Keyes)

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ISBN 9780439981910


It s Christmas, but leave it to Sammy Keyes to find trouble even in the midst of the holiday parade. Trying to help a friend, she reluctantly volunteers on the Canine Calendar float, only to have the famous cover dog dog-napped on her watch! The animal s owner orders Sammy to find the dog before the $50,000 ransom being demanded comes due. But all that Sammy can uncover is a little elflike girl named Elyssa, whose problems seem more important than a missing dog. Still, Sammy does her best to round up the dog-nappers, while forming a bond with the mysterious elf girl. Clever clues and characters abound, making this satisfying mystery unforgettable at Christmas or anytime.

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