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Showtime for Billie and Coco

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Stare foarte bună. Mici semne de uzură (ex: zgârieturi). Funcționează perfect

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  • Showtime for Billie and Coco poate fi rezervat pentru 45 Minutes.

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A fantastically funny look inside a busy stage school—for animals! Complete with Lycra and legwarmers.There s no business like show business, so step inside Fancy Feathers Talent School, the most exciting school in town. Coco Crocodile is rehearsing her song and Billie and Pig has a dance to perfect—and all in time for the evening show. But the Fox Clowns are in a muddle, and Albert the Magician has made his assistant vanish completely. Now everyone needs a costume and time is running out. But you know what they say? The show must go on. This fun story is bursting with characters, full of rich Richard Scarry-esque visuals, and packed with comic detail—as well as tutus, tantrums, and talent!

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