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Slow Magic (Flying Foxes)

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ISBN 9780099417279


When Grandpa offers to do slow magic, Polly can’t wait to see the results. But slow magic takes time and lots of patience. First they must wait until Spring comes to plant the grass seeds. Grandpa invites Polly to help herd the sheep out to graze in the field, where they eat Polly’s grass, which helps Polly’s sheep grow a lovely little lamb and wool. As Autumn comes, Granny slow magics the wool into a jumper – first she dyes it, then she cards and spins it into wool to make a jumper for Polly. All the while, something else has been growing, too, and Polly is proud to be able to tell her new little sister all about slow magic when she is big enough to be patient.

About the Author:

Pippa Goodhart began writing when her children were born, and first novel, Flow (Mammoth), was published in 1994. She has worked as a primary school teacher and manager of Heffers Children’s Bookshop. She is the author of numerous picture books, early readers, and novels, including Ginny’s Egg (Mammoth, 1996), which was shortlisted for the Young Telegraph Book of the Year. Her other titles for young readers include Happy Sad (Blue Banana series, Mammoth, 1999) Hamper’s Great Escape, Snooty Prune, Me and My Newt, Sinister Ella and The House With No Name. John Kelly has illustrated a number of children’s books, including both fictional and non-fictional titles. Originally from Stockton-on-Tees, he has lived in London for a number of years. He enjoys working with both traditional materials and with computer-generated art. This is his first book for Red Fox.


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