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The Magic Sky

Starea Carții:
Stare foarte bună. Mici semne de uzură (ex: zgârieturi). Funcționează perfect

8,00 lei

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Lucy Richard’s spectacular artwork captures the magic of the Northern Lights, with a cover and special pages that glitter and glow. Now in a brand new board-book edition, ideal for little hands. One night at bedtime, Rory’s mother tells him all about the „magic sky.” The little polar bear is so excited to see it. But how long will he have to wait . . . ? The magic sky that Rory sees is a real phenomenon. It is called the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights and can be seen in the Arctic and far northern hemisphere. The dazzling lights appear to move across the sky like natural fireworks. As they turn the pages of The Magic Sky, children will delight in the loveable polar bears and marvel at the glittering rainbow colors of the Arctic light show.

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