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Tick Tock Dog

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ISBN Tick Tock Dog


Learn about time with the help of adorable Dog, and with a special clicking clock.
What an exciting day Dog is having! At 10 o’clock he goes outside to roll in the mud with his pals, the pigs. He’s rather dirty after that, so at 11 o’clock it’s time for a swim with the ducks. Splash! At 12 noon, Dog runs to find his owner Vicky, who is enjoying a picnic. Dog plays ball, chases Cat, and eats sandwiches. That should keep Dog going through the afternoon, which he spends with his best friend, Horse. At 5 o’clock, it’s time to head for home. Then Dog hears Vicky calling him. Hooray! It’s the best time of day of all – because 6 o’clock is suppertime! Bathtime at 7 o’clock is enjoyable as well, with lots of bubbles and puddles. Finally, 8 o’clock is Dog’s bedtime. Goodnight Dog! An interactive clock and endearing pictures by popular illustrator Emma Dodd make this book a wonderful aid to learning that small children will want to return to time and time again.

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