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Where’s the Unicorn? An Epic Adventure

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ISBN 9781789293081


Can you spot all the unicorns and discover the treasure in this epic search adventure?? The unicorns of Rainbow Valley are off on another adventure. This time, Blossom, Leaf, Ruby and friends are looking for a distant, lost land, called Unicopolis, where an ancient civilization of unicorns used to live. It’s believed to be home to countless beautiful artifacts, one of which will help restore the fading magic of their world. But they’re not the only ones looking for its treasures … The unicorns’ quest takes them across the world, from a remote and crumbling, haunted Scottish castle and the deep-sea ruins of an ancient Greek city overrun with mermaids and sea sprites, to an enchanted Nordic forest full of magical creatures, mummy-ridden ancient Egyptian tombs, a remote Antarctic outpost crowded with out-of-this-world visitors and the majestic and glittering ruins of Unicopolis itself. Use your spotting skills to not only find each of the seven unicorns on every page but the special ‘epic finds’ – maps, treasures, and more – that will help the unicorns on their way, all the while outrunning the baddies on their tails in this epic search adventure. Perfect for: • Fans of search and find books • Lovers of fantasy creatures and colorful, intricate illustrations • Fans of the Where’s the Unicorn titles

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