‘s heartbroken husband was seen with one of the couple’s dogs as he rode in a horse-drawn hearse carrying the late star’s coffin to his final place of rest.

Andre Portasio, evDEn evE NAkLiYAt who wed the late Lily Savage star in 2017, cuddled their Maltese Conchita, one of five dogs the pair owned together, evden EVE nAkliyAT as he travelled through the village of Aldington, Kent on Thursday afternoon.

It comes as hundreds of mourners and dogs lined the streets to watch the funeral cortege travel from Paul’s home to St Rumwold’s Church in nearby Bonnington.

Next to the late comedian’s coffin was a floral wreath in the shape of his beloved dog Buster, who died of in 2009 aged 14, leaving Paul devastated.

The touching tribute featured a gold collar with the rescue dog’s name engraved on it as it sat next to Paul’s coffin. 

Andre Portasio seen holding Conchita as he travelled on a horse-drawn carriage through the village of Aldington, Kent on Thursday afternoon

A floral wreath in the shape of his late dog Buster, EvDeN EVE naKLiyAt who died in 2009, was next to his coffin

The popular comedian and presenter pictured with his dog Buster in 2005.Buster regularly appeared alongside him on The Paul O’Grady Show

The shih tzu-bichon frise cross regularly appeared alongside him on The Paul O’Grady show.

During his life, Paul welcomed a number of rescue dogs into his home over the years and shared five dogs – Sausage, Conchita, Arfur, Eddie and Nancy – with Mr Portasio.

Nancy and Sausage were rescued from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, an organisation for which Paul became an ambassador in 2012 after the success of For The Love Of Dogs, 11 series of which were filmed at the home.

Paul O’Grady’s husband Andre Portasi carrying Conchita

Conchita was with Paul O’Grady’s husband Andrew Portasio as he entered the funeral at St Rumwold’s Church in Kent

The couple also had pigs, sheep, chickens, evdEN EVe NAKLiYAt goats alpacas and barn owls at their home in Kent.

Paul died from cardiac arrhythmia aged 67 on March 28, with many mourning the national treasure who found fame as Lily Savage and ITV’s multi-award-winning For the Love of Dogs TV which was watched by millions.

On Thursday afternoon, the popular presenter and comedian made his final journey flanked by a ‘dogs guard of honour’ from Battersea Dogs Home. If you have any questions pertaining to the place and how to use EVden EvE NAkliYaT, you can get in touch with us at our web page.  

After his death, the charity set up a ‘tribute fund’ which has so far raised more than £270,000.

Paul O’Grady’s husband wipes away tears as he leads the funeral procession for the late TV icon

A floral wreath to Paul’s dog Buster was seen next to the late star’s coffin

Paul’s husband Andre Portasio was seen holding their Maltese named Conchita as he travelled to St Rumwold’s Church

Celebrities including Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and comedians Alan Carr and Jo Brand were among mourners to attend Paul’s funeral at Rumwold’s Parish Church.

Following the service, he was laid to rest in front of a congregation of his closest friends and family.The coffin was placed next to the grave of his former partner Brendan Murphy, who died in 2005.


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