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Dougherty, Steve Miller, Sue Edwards, Wayne (June 16, 1997). „Swan Song”. Its sequel, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, broke that report in June 2010, grossing $72.7 million on its opening working day domestically, getting to be the most important single-working day opening in domestic history. Vine, Richard (June 23, 2015). „True Detective evaluation: ‘Bad, lousy gentlemen are continue to performing terrible, undesirable things'”. Martin Chulov (September 23, 2010). „Abuse and torture rife in Iraqi prisons”. Everett, Cory (July 23, 2014). „Review: Spy Tale ‘A Most Wanted Man’ Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams And More”. Scott, A.O. (July 24, 2015). „In ‘Southpaw’ Jake Gyllenhaal tries to box his way back again from tragedy”. Lussier, Germain (July 21, 2014). „Cameron Crowe’s Untitled Hawaii Project Delayed to 2015”. Slashfilm. Lawson, Richard (February 21, 2018). „Game Night Review: Surprisingly Stylish Fun That Could Use More Rachel McAdams”. Leffler, Rebecca (February 2, 2011). „Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris’ to Open Cannes Film Festival”. Murray, Rebecca. „2012 Screen Actors Guild Nominees and Winners”. Kit, Borys (May 10, 2012). „Rachel McAdams to Star in Working Title’s ‘About Time’ (Exclusive)”. Kit, Borys (November 17, 2011). „Rachel McAdams to Star in Working Title’s ‘About Time’ (Exclusive)”. Lumenick, Lou (November 9, 2010). „The most current weather conditions forecast is partly funny”.

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