1 year agoBut most guests laze about one of the three magnificent pools, including the Balinese Bathing Pool. And, perhaps best of all, the resort is within just a few minutes’ stroll of seaside cafes, best enjoyed during one the legendary sunsets, and numerous shops along the main street.

The strip linking the quieter village of Malia with the beach is a patchwork of soccer pubs, clubs, cafes tattoo parlors, fast food joints, mini-markets, and rental outfits – and the action is non-stop. The beach strip consists of a variety of sun umbrellas (for rent), бали екскурзии (https://seocloud.blob.core.windows.net/) loungers (for rent), kayaks to be rented, bars, studios and hotels.

Accommodation is limited to a few hotels, and scattered rooms for rent. The main street, which winds its way from upper Anogeia all the way down to lower Anogeia is filled with small shops and taverns that often play live Cretan Music.

A cheap babysitting service is also offered for a small fee at night, and the kid’s fun clubroom can be enjoyed during the day. Woo Bar has a variety of delicious drinks that are both alcoholic and not alcoholic. Other restaurants in the area offer both Western and Asian cuisine. The lobby’s free juice, water and treats for children could be enough to make it the best hotel for families in Bali.

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