The coronavirus outbreak has now spread throughout the globe, causing concern and panic among governments and citizens alike. Italy has been hit especially hard, with the death toll rising to over 1,000 in the country. The Italian government has taken drastic measures, including a nationwide lockdown, in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, other countries are also taking measures to prevent the virus from spreading. The US has restricted travel from Europe, and many countries are implementing screening procedures at airports and other entry points.

gov-Injustice: Expropriation Case LawIn addition to the health impact, the spread of the virus is also having an economic impact globally, causing stock markets to plummet and businesses to suffer. Governments are looking at ways to mitigate this impact, including fiscal stimulus and monetary policies. Another major Canadian News Today story this week is the ongoing conflict in Syria. The ceasefire between Turkey and Russia that was agreed upon earlier this month has largely held, but there are still reports of violence in the region.

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